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About ACM

ACM MPSTME Student Chapter was founded in 2009.

We strive to encourage a technical environment in college.

Our attempt is to keep events free and accessible to all.

Teach students through a ton of workshops.

Part of a larger network of committees of ACM throughout India and the world in general.


We focus on Teamwork

Our aim is to make people work together

Different skills when grouped together, they can do marvels.
ACM helps meet new individuals who share the same passion and strive towards a brighter future.
We have departments, but they're coherent.
We have a hierarchy, but it's as good as flat.
We all work together.

ACM helps you build a culture with innovation.

We bring to the students events that they want and love. With our trademark A{C}M Workshop along with many others.

We strive to work towards enhancing the culture of comuting and actively build on our skills by helping everyone around us.

  • Founded 2009
  • 1000+ Participants
  • 40+ Events